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For decades, we’ve helped our clients stay ahead of the curve.

We’re invested in the prosperity of entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and professionals across Canada.
Adept, aware and responsive, Vanta stands alongside clients, enhancing their advantage.

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Our clients come from many walks, but there’s one thing they all have in common: the ambition to make big things happen. And, Vanta Group is right beside them, enhancing their advantage.

From group health insurance and benefits, to risk management, investments, life insurance and pension planning.

Our Services

Our advisors know how to maximize and protect your financial assets.


Insurance remains one of the pillars of savvy financial planning—whether it’s life insurance for corporate or personal needs, or critical illness and disability coverage. With its unique tax treatment, insurance can be leveraged to protect assets, create liquidity, replace income, fund taxes and debt, reduce risk and transfer wealth.

Group Benefits

Protecting your employees with group benefits safeguards your business. Employee benefits planning continues to evolve in Canada–rising drug costs, health and wellness solutions, flexible benefits and disability management are all part of the landscape. The success of any business depends on its people–protect your greatest assets with a well-structured plan.


Retirement and pension planning guarantees individuals and employees have the required income and capital to enjoy their golden years. A critical component of smart financial planning is ensuring pension and retirement assets are invested to achieve the appropriate risk-adjusted return.

Risk Management

Proper planning involves more than a financial outcome. Stepping back to look at the whole picture often exposes risk: future taxes payable, loss of key individuals, and liquidity. Our team is equipped to see the big picture and provide solutions that mitigate and protect against risk.

Get calculated with your future

*Investment products, including securities, mutual funds and bonds are provided by Aligned Capital Partners Inc. Vanta Group Investments Corp. is a trade name of Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (ACPI).  Any advice which may be given in respect of non-securities services is given by Daniel Brassard solely and no such advice is given in their capacity as a registrant of ACPI. Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) coverage is available to IIROC Dealer Members and does not offer protection, within limits, on non-securities products, not held by a Member.  Non-securities related business includes, without limitation, tax return preparation services; fee-based financial planning services; estate and tax planning; advising in or selling any type of insurance product; any type of mortgage service. Accordingly, ACPI is not providing and does not supervise any of the above noted activities and you should not rely on ACPI for any review of any non-securities services provided by Daniel Brassard.

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